Enagement des Jeunes par l'Ingenierie

Youth Engagement Through Engineering (YETE)

Canadian Not-For Profit Advancing Youth Education

Our mission is to simple. To advance youth education by fostering a self-guided constructivist approach to learning.

We develop and deliver Project-Based Learning (PBL) programs for schools, teachers, and universities. YETE facilitators have developed and taught programs at schools in the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) and the Mohawk Kahnawake Education Centre (KEC). Our team has also provided pro bono consulting services for the McGill Engineering Department and the McGill Administration and Enrolment Services to develop culturally relevant education programs for indigenous high school students.



YETE's approach to project-based learning is rooted in the methodology of the Engineering Design-Cycle. This approach imposes a structured and systematic approach to problem-solving that embraces failure and directly lends itself to interdisciplinary learning. In this process, we try to make learning both physically engaging and culturally relevant.


Youth Engagement Through Engineering (YETE) is an incorporated Canadian not-for-profit organization that was a part of Engineers Without Border Canada, and graduated as an independent venture in the year 2020. During the organization’s tenure under the Engineers Without Borders, we developed and taught semester-long in-class programs at 5 different schools in the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), as well as at a school in the Mohawk Kahnawake Education Centre (KEC). Since graduating from Engineers Without Borders as an independent venture, YETE hosted its first online after-school program in the Winter 2021 semester at FACE Elementary and Secondary School.

YETE students (Yr 9E students at FACE school) participating in the Facebook AI Montreal 1-year anniversary event, where students worked on an activity with animators. Pictured with students (left-to-right), Simone Nichol (Yr 9E teacher), Garrick Tiplady (managing director of Facebook and Instagram Canada), Mike Rabbat (research scientist at Facebook), Mido Assran (visiting researcher at Facebook), and Professor Joelle Pineau (global managing director of Facebook AI Research Labs).

Meet the Board

Mido Assran
Board Member & Facilitator
Managing Director
Alexa Forsyth
Board Member & Facilitator
Eric Serfas
Board Member & Facilitator
Antonia Butler
Board Member & Facilitator