Youth Engagement Through Engineering

YETE is a Canadian not-for-profit advancing youth education by fostering a self-guided constructivist approach to learning.

about us

Our mission is simple. To improve learning outcomes for youth by integrating project-based learning into their curriculum.

Decades of research support our personal experience, that an inquiry-based approach to learning not only helps youth become more engaged in school, but also helps them better grasp fundamental concepts and root their learning journey to their own personal life aspirations.

our approach

Our specific approach to project-based learning is rooted in the methodology of the Engineering Design-Cycle.

The Engineering Design-Cycle imposes a structured and systematic approach to problem-solving that embraces failure and directly lends itself to interdisciplinary learning. In this process, we try to make learning both physically engaging and culturally relevant.

Yr 9E students at FACE School participating in the Facebook AI Montreal 1-year anniversary event, where students worked on an activity with animators. Pictured with students (left-to-right), Simone Nichol (Yr 9E teacher), Garrick Tiplady (managing director of Facebook and Instagram Canada), Mike Rabbat (research scientist at Facebook), Mido Assran (visiting researcher at Facebook), and Professor Joelle Pineau (global managing director of Facebook AI Research Labs).
what we do

We support teachers in delivering project-based learning experiences to their students.

We collaborate very closely with teachers and their students for an entire school semester. For that reason, we choose to only work with a small number of classes each semester. In our collaobration, we

  • Custom tailor a semester-long project-based learning program for each class, based on the teacher's targeted learning outcomes and personal knowledge of their students.
  • Deliver this program in class (typically once a week) for an entire school semester alongside the teacher. It is preferable for the teacher to play an active role in this process.
  • Release all copyright information to the teacher for free so that they may continue and adapt the program for future years.

Some of our experience has also led us to work with curriculum designers. For that reason, we also offer pro bono consulting services for school boards and universities interested in partnering to develop project-based learning programs for youth.

meet the board

Mido Assran
Board Member & Facilitator
Managing Director
Alexa Forsyth
Board Member & Facilitator
Eric Serfas
Board Member & Facilitator
Antonia Butler
Board Member & Facilitator